Protect Your Computer!

It is often said that there is no such thing as 100% security. While that is true, it is no reason why you shouldn’t take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access. In this article we will examine a few ways to protect your data.

Local Security
Out of all the different ways an intruder can access your computer, local access is the most promising way to circumvent your security. If a person has local access to a computer, it is only a matter of time before the data on the computer will be extracted.
However, protecting your computer against local attacks is also easy and only takes a few minutes. First, put a password on your user accounts

Internet Security
 The Internet opens up a host of security issues, but since the security problems are so prevalent there are many good solutions. We will now take a look at a few of them.
            Firewalls protect things called ports. Ports are what your computer uses to access the Internet. To view a webpage, for example, your computer connects to the website’s computer through port 80. Programs called Trojans can open ports on your computer and let people get into your computer and do whatever they want, including stealing passwords and credit cards. With a firewall, you can close most ports and protect your computer from Internet attacks.

Anti-Virus software:
            Ah… its name rings like poetry in my ear… but seriously, anti-virus software is seriously serious business. Seriously. No way around it, you need to be protected! Anti-virus software is not the being all end of computer security, nor was it meant to be. However, it is a major and powerful form of defense against viruses, Trojans, and worms. Now let’s talk money… the universal language. Most anti-virus products cost money and a subscription cost… so check around for the best deals.
Spyware protection:
Spyware… that this stuff can just be plain nasty. These are the programs that discover information about you and send it to their evil masters. Beware! Danger,

Now for the most powerful security tool… listen carefully… this is powerful! COMMON SENSE! Firewalls, anti-virus software, and spyware protection is useless against social engineering. Social engineering is conning a person into compromising their security. Now I know what you are saying, why would someone ever compromise their security because some stranger told them to do so!?!? It doesn’t make sense… but it happens. All the time. Think about some e-mail messages you might have gotten… “I Luuuuv you!” “Your pictures are inside!” “I saw your profile…” If a virus is attached, and you download it hoping to see something and you see something quite different, you have been the victim of social engineering. Most social engineering attacks are more powerful and dangerous, but you get the idea.

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