Computer’s Data Security: Necessity and Myth

There is no 100 % protection for your computer. But this doesn’t mean you cannot prevent your data to be unauthorized accessed.

Once I was chatting with my colleagues about the security issues and the ways the information can be protected. We were talking about existing software, about the devices available for buyers and about the percentage of an assurance we can get from these tools available on the modern market so far. We also touched the other side of protection: it’s vulnerability. We came to the conclusion that it is not simple to get the information protected, as there are many well-established strategies and methods developers (to say nicely), whose target is to get to know what is valuable for you.

But anyway there are the directions we can work on in order to minimize the risks for unauthorized access to our data. Here are they.

1. If you want to protect your data it is important to assure the building (office, home), security access and protection. There are many security agencies available on the market, which can be of real help. They have different protection strategies and tools. But as this is not directly related to your computer we will let the specialists in the area to let us know about it and we will move forward.

2. Hardware protection. There are many tools available for computer protection, like physical computers locks, which may be locked through a hole in the desk/object, or can be locked to a mounting bracket affixed to the vertical surface. There are different kits, mostly consisting of security cables and locks. These anti-theft devices are designed for Notebook laptops and PCs, with special requirements adjusted for different models.

3. Computer data access limiting. There are tolls and software, which may be used for home and business computer access protection. The multifactor authentication (with password, pin code and biometric data) can be of real help for storing all passwords to Windows machines on one removable storage device and add the strong authentication and convenience to the standard Windows logon procedure.

4. Information encryption. While we were talking about these issues, we were able to note that there is a tool which can protect data, even if it is stolen, even if there will be the most brilliant software hackers working on getting to know it

5. E-mail protection.

6. And the last important thing to note is don’t forget to assure that you have the same plans for the part of the world, as God has in terms of earth cracks, tsunami, etc.

Together with our colleagues we came to conclusion that there is no perfect security environment, although it is not wise at all to stay unaware of the risks existed and solutions to these issue are available.

This is not so difficult topic to understand. We just wanted to encourage you to think of solutions existed. Just look for the information and act!

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